Forty years
​​​​​​​of recycling

Family business Olthuis

Experienced family business
in recycling oil, fat & kitchen waste

What do you expect from a partner who regularly empties and cleans your fat separator or grease trap and collects your organic kitchen waste? Exactly… you want to depend on them to do it in time and according to the agreement. You want your clean barrels or wheelie bins to arrive on time, you do not want grease to accumulate and risk clogging, and in case of emergency (or even if you just have a question) you want to quickly talk to someone who can help you right away. All this you will find at Olthuis Recycling.

What is a ​​​​​​​family business?

The Olthuis family has been active in collecting and recycling (deep frying) fat and organic (non-mineral) oil for 40 years. We have a closely knit team of reliable employees, many of whom have worked with us for decades. They grew up with the mentality of the family business. Straightforward, open, honest and very service oriented. We are here to help you. With objective advice (including a critical note if needed) and dependable service. A deal is a deal, and finishing what you promised is more important than getting home at six o'clock sharp. What’s more, our people have a wealth of experience. Many of them are specialists in their field. This means that for every type of service we offer, we have someone who can inform you and answers all your questions with authority in his or her field. On the phone, at our offices, or at your location for a custom-made advice that will get you results.

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Old fashioned and innovative

Saying you adhere to the motto 'The customer is king'… that sounds almost old-fashioned. That may well be, but despite our customer-oriented tradition, our business has not been standing still. We have a modern fleet of vehicles and state of the art machines, and we use innovative techniques to upgrade organic waste into a product suitable for producing clean bio-energy.

Perfectly accessible

Asked about working with Olthuis Recycling, many customers will mention our excellent reachability. There is always someone to pick up the phone, even when the sewage hits the fan in the middle of the night. In addition, we have an innovative COLLECTAPP for online and mobile planning of our pick up service for recyclable cooking oil and for emptying and cleaning grease traps. Our services are not organized around our technical skills, but around what you need. This requires a level of commitment and flexibility that is often lacking in other large companies.

Want more proof?

A business relationship is based on trust. Hopefully, this site gives you a reasonable impression of the way we function. If you like, we will gladly introduce you to some Anglophone customers who will vouch for us. We are operating all over the Netherlands, so we’re certain to find a someone in your area who’ll be happy to tell you all about working with Olthuis Recycling.

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